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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario can be unlocked by using these characters.

by William Schwartz


Character unlocks can be done in different ways in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  You can play through the World of Light mode, you can play Versus, and you can play Classic mode to unlock the many characters of the game.  This guide will explain how to unlock Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

If you’re just looking to unlock Dr. Mario, he can be unlocked pretty quickly by playing through a few round of Classic Mode.  But he can also be unlocked pretty early-on in the World of Light Mode.  Depending on your preference of game mode either one will do.  Playing World of Light, you’ll unlock Dr. Mario fairly early on but it will still take some time.  It’s likely that Classic Mode is your quickest route to unlocking this character as you’ll just need to beat Classic Mode six times to do so.

The fastest way to unlock Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Playing Classic Mode you can unlock Dr. Mario by completing this mode on any skill level, but you’ll need to beat it with a specific character.  Dr. Mario is in Mario’s Character Unlock Route, which means that you’ll need to have unlocked up to Roy to be able to unlock him.  But it also means that you can unlock Dr. Mario with any of the following characters:  Mario, Sonic, Bayonetta, Little Mac, Ike, Luigi, or Roy.

Once you’ve completed Classic Mode with any of these characters (after you’ve unlocked Roy) Dr. Mario will challenge you to a match and you will need to beat him in a one on one versus to add him to your roster.  However, if you lose to Dr. Mario you will not be able to unlock him until he is added to the Challenger’s Approach screen on the main menu.

Mario Route Classic Mode

All of the characters in Mario’s Route in Classic Mode can be unlocked by using this simple system.  Once you’ve beaten Classic Mode with Mario you will then gain access to Sonic.  From there you can use either Sonic or Mario to unlock Bayonetta (the next character).  You can then use either Mario, Sonic, or Bayonetta to unlock the next character, Little Mac.  And so on until you’ve unlocked all the characters in this route for Classic Mode.

Mario > Sonic > Bayonetta > Little Mac > Ike > Roy > Dr. Mario > Olimar

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