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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Link in World of Light

Choose Villager if you want Link early in World of Light.

by William Schwartz


Link is one of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate starters in versus and classic mode, but if you want him in World of Light you’re going to need to earn him.  Link can be had pretty early on in the World of Light game mode, if, you choose the Villager’s path when the asked to make the choice between Sheik, Marth, or Villager.

Link Location World of Light

Heading to the right and down the long path you will pass a race track and find one character that is surrounded by spirits.  That character is Link.  You will need to battle Link one versus one to unlock him in World of Light mode.


If you win you’ll get Link as a playable character, but you’ll also get quite a few Skill Sphere points that you can use to upgrade your Skill Tree as well.  Link isn’t a tough fight, considering that he is pretty early on in the game if you choose the Villager’s path.

After you unlock Link you can then use him for there on out in World of Light mode.  Heading into your Party menu you will see that Link is now on the character select screen for Adventure Mode.  If you decide to choose either the Sheik or Marth route, you won’t get to unlock Link for a while into the World of Light mode.

If he is one of the characters that you simply must have at the beginning of the game, it is recommended that you choose Villager at the beginning of World of Light.

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