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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate How to Unlock Meta Knight

Unlock Meta Knight by beating Classic Mode with these characters.

by William Schwartz


Meta Knight can be unlocked in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a number of different ways.  This character from the Kirby series can be unlocked by playing the World of Light Mode, in Versus, and in Classic Mode.  This guide will focus on unlocking Meta Knight through Classic Mode because it is the fastest and most direct way to unlock this specific character.

Meta Knight can be unlocked by playing Classic Mode, but you’re going to have to use specific characters in this mode to unlock him.  If you’ve yet to unlock any characters in the Link’s Route, you’ll need to start by beating Classic Mode with Link and then playing it a few more times to unlock Meta Knight.

The fastest way to unlock Meta Knight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Simply head into Classic Mode and play on any difficulty.  You’ll need to beat the six stages, bonus level, and boss battle.  Once you’ve completed Classic Mode with Link you’ll start unlocking characters in this route.  You’ll start by unlock King K. Rool, followed by Ice Climbers, Simon, and then Meta Knight.

Once you start unlocking characters in this route you’ll be able to play with any of the ones that precede them to unlock.  In this instance, you can unlock Meta Knight by beating Classic Mode with either King K. Rool, Ice Climbers, or Simon.

Once you’ve beaten Classic Mode you will be prompted with a Challenger Approaching after the credits roll.  You will need to beat Meta Knight in a one versus one battle to unlock him.  Once you do he will be permanently unlocked in the game.  If you happen to lose this challenge, you will need to wait until he re-approaches as a Challenger to get a rematch.

Link Route Classic Mode

All of the characters in Link’s Route can be unlocked with the ones before it in Classic Mode.  Meaning Link will  unlock King K. Rool, Link or King K. Rool can unlock Ice Climbers.  Link, King K. Rool, or Ice Climbers can unlock Simon, and so on.  If you fail to beat one of the challengers to unlock them, it will then skip to the next challenger.  The one that you lost to will reappear later.

Use this method to unlock all characters in Super Smash Bros. Classic Mode.  The following list of characters can all be unlocked by using Link to complete Classic Mode.  For each character, any character to their left on this list can used to unlock the next character to the right.

Link > King K. Rool > Ice Climbers > Simon > Meta Knight > Diddy Kong > Duck Hunt > Geninja


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