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Tales Of Berseria Guide: How To Rank Up Shops

by Mike Guarino


You’re going to be spending a lot of time at shops during Tales of Berseria, stocking up on healing items and purchasing better equipment for your team regularly. However, there’s some important information regarding these shops that’s better to understand as soon as possible, and this guide will get you understanding the basics.

To start things off, you never have to worry about a shop running out of consumable items (like gels), so feel free to purchase as many as you can hold whenever you have the money. Equipment is a different story, as once you’ve purchased all they have you will then have to initiate 3 battles for them to restock in order to buy more. The further you get into the game the better equipment shops will carry, so always make sure you check into shops whenever you see them to find out if they have new items.

However, the most important thing to know about shops is that they feature a ranking, which increases the more you buy, sell or upgrade equipment. This ranking is an overall ranking that is shared by all shops, and as the ranking goes up so will the discount percentage you will receive. You’ll even get a free item each time the shop ranks up, so always try and sell things you don’t need in order to steadily increase shop rankings when you’re not spending money.

The following is a breakdown of each shop rank, how much cumulative gald you need to rank it up and the accompanying discount percentage:

Shop Rank 1 – 0 gald / 0% discount

Shop Rank 2 – 1000+ gald / 2% discount

Shop Rank 3 – 19,477+ gald / 4% discount

Shop Rank 4 – 43,072+ gald / 6% discount

Shop Rank 5 – 80,952+ gald / 8% discount

Shop Rank 6 – 140,626+ gald / 10% discount

Shop Rank 7 – 234,277+ gald / 12% discount

Shop Rank 8 – 382,582+ gald / 14% discount

Shop Rank 9 – 617,074+ gald / 16% discount

Shop Rank 10 – 967,455+ gald / 18% discount

Shop Rank 11 – 1,984,055+ gald / 20% discount

Shop Rank 12 – 3,420,555+ gald / 22% discount

Shop Rank 13 – 5,117,055+ gald / 24% discount

Shop Rank 14 – 8,149,305+ gald / 26% discount

Shop Rank 15 – 14,503,055+ gald / 28% discount

It takes a lot of grinding to get all the way up to shop rank 15, but you should do just fine with whatever ranking you get to by the time you finish the game. You’ll find lots of items to sell that should ensure that you’ll always have plenty of money to buy what you need, but the additional discounts on top of that certainly don’t hurt.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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