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Tales of Vesperia Guide: How To Unlock All DLC Costumes

A list of all the DLC costumes in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition and how to unlock them.

by Jelani James

Though the initial costumes in Tales of Vesperia are great, there will eventually be times when you want to switch things up and dress your party up in different outfits. In the past, this desire meant that you would need to either spend money or complete lengthy quest chains. Fortunately, Definitive Edition comes pre-packaged with all of the DLC costumes from previous versions, meaning you can immediately change any of your characters’ costumes without having to spend a cent.

How Do I Unlock Them?


To be fair, the process is relatively straightforward. The only problem is that the game never actually tells you they exist. In fact, unless you were aware of these costumes in advance (or familiar with how DLC in Tales titles works), then you could likely go the entire game without unlocking any of them.

At any rate, to unlock these costumes, you have to go to your inventory in the pause menu and scroll to the right-most tab with a signal icon labelled <Extra Items>. Upon reaching said tab, you will be presented with a host of boxes just waiting to be opened. Regardless of which edition of ToV you have, the costumes will be present here; but those with special editions will also find bonuses like gels, materials and recipes here, too.

How Do I Wear Them?


In order to wear your DLC costumes (or any for that matter), simply head to status menu and switch to a title with a small shirt icon to the next of it and you’re set. As a bonus, the appearance change will not just hold in battle, but on the world map and even in cutscenes.

And now we reach the most important part: what costumes the DLC actually provides. Well, here they are:

Yuri Lowell:

  • Abyssal Inferno
  • Fedrock Knight’s Spirit
  • Reliable Senior
  • Bimillenary Madness
  • Wandering Samurai
  • The Gold Blade
  • Light Fedrock Uniform

Estellise Sidos Heurassein:

  • Yulia’s Heir
  • Campus Royalty
  • Saint of Atamoni
  • Adventurous Valkyrie
  • Regal Heart
  • Fedrock Uniform Replica


  • Top Dog’s Right Paw
  • Sensus General
  • Most Valuable Pup
  • Respeede

Rita Mordio:

  • Exchange Student
  • Merines Captain
  • 765 Trainee
  • Elemental Master

Karol Capel:

  • Campus Lackey, Future Leader
  • Calegian Commander
  • Dream Traveler
  • Brave Vesperia


  • Notorious Teacher
  • The Oracle Commandant
  • King of Iron Fist
  • Glorious Shadow


  • School Nurse
  • Vengeful Half-Elf
  • Multiple Operation System
  • Draconic Lancer

Patty Fleur:

  • Chairman’s Granddaughter
  • Hero of Cruxis
  • Legendary Driller
  • Pirate Queen

Flynn Scifo:

  • Lorelei’s Swordsman
  • Fedrock Knight’s Honor
  • Student Body President
  • Masked Inquisitor
  • Dreaming Pianist
  • Archlord

Just to reiterate, these are just the DLC costumes former-preorder and DLC costumes that don’t otherwise unlock in-game. There are still several more to unlock in-game and some of them can be purchased online from the appropriate marketplace.

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