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Tell Me Why Chapter 1 – Mary-Ann’s Door Puzzle Solution

How to unlock and open Mary-Ann's door

by Kyle Hanson


Unlike some other recent graphic adventure games, Tell Me Why features a lot of real puzzles. Avoiding the streamlined and simplified experience, these puzzles actually have some heft to them too. Most will require you to explore the Book of Goblins to seek out the answers. Such is the case with the first major puzzle in the game, that of Mary-Ann’s door. On it are various animals, such as a moose, a bear, a frog, and a pelican. To unlock and open the door you need to put three in the right order, but what is the solution? Here’s how to unlock and open Mary-Ann’s door in Tell Me Why.

Mary-Ann’s Door Puzzle Solution – How to Unlock and Open

The answers are found within the Book of Goblins, in the story called The Princess’s Party. In the story various animals come to the princess bearing gifts. You need to figure out which fits in each of the spots on the door. Of course, we can make this much simpler for you, but here’s your chance to read the story and figure it out on your own. Just focus on the three symbols on the left page showing a torch, sword, and bag of gold. These correspond to the spots on the door. All you have to work out is which animal would bring each gift.

Don’t wanna work it out? The answer is moose, bear, and pelican. Why? Because the moose brought a torch since he was “stalwart and far-sighted” and would be the one who didn’t want the princess to get lost. The bear brought the sword since he uses his sharp claws to protect her from harm and would want her to have it when he is away. The bag of gold came from the pelican, who always took care of the princess’s needs.

So that’s the Mary-Ann’s door puzzle solution, showing how to unlock and open Mary-Ann’s door in Tell Me Why. Of course the real puzzle of the game is figuring out how these stories fit into the lives of Tyler, Alyson, and Mary-Ann. Have you worked out that puzzle yet? If not, just keep playing.

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