The Ascent Update 6 Patch Notes

Now doing side missions will feel totally different.

by Carlos Hurtado

Update 6 has arrived for The Ascent, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. No new additions were made in this update, but the developers managed to fix and tweak a couple of things on the game. The changes are somewhat subtle, but they will improve how the game feels. Here’s everything new with The Ascent update 6.

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The Ascent Update 6 Patch Notes


  • We’ve added a build number to all versions of ‘The Ascent’, this is to aid in debugging future community issues. The number can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the Main Menu. Please use this number when reporting issues, many thanks!

Gameplay (All platforms)

  • Fixed an issue where some items could not be equipped correctly when using Transmog.
  • Fixed an issue where the NEWT MGL grenades could be fired through certain thin walls.

Translation (all platforms)

  • Minor fixes and improvements were made to translation across the game. We will continue to work on improving the translation.

Misc. Fixes (all platforms)

  • Fixed a handful of minor collision-related issues.

We’re also very excited to say Voice Over has now been added to ALL Side Missions! Previously, these missions were subtitled without any VO.


The Ascent is the first game to use Altered’s augmented voice technology, a new AI-powered tool to augment human voices to create a range of custom voices for new lines of dialogue. Previously, for some of our NPC’s especially for side missions, we had used Alien voices with subtitles. We partnered with Altered to create real voices for these characters to make the world of Veles feel even more alive! Altered has helped us in voicing over 800 lines voiced by 40 NPCs using their groundbreaking technology.

In terms of bug and glitch fixes, this update did not do much. This patch did a couple of fixes to some items and a weapon, but the biggest addition this time is the following one. The game will now feature more than 700 voice lines across 40 NPCs. This new addition will make the game feel and look more professional. Doing side missions will feel more cinematic than even after this update.

The Ascent is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. For more information regarding this update, go to the official The Ascent Twitter page.