The Best Perks to Unlock Early in House Flipper 2

some perks make a different at the beginning

by Davi Braid

In House Flipper 2, there are video game elements, such as perks, that are worth mastering. Although they won’t rock your world and make the game significantly different, the best perks to unlock early can enhance your gameplay experience.

Many perks will make your character do something slightly faster, and although these are good, you can skip those in the beginning. That said, some perks will make tasks straight up easier or will remove one of the necessary steps to get a task done.

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The Best Early Game Perks in House Flipper 2

Although you can get all the perks eventually, and doing so unlocks an achievement and helps you unlock others, some will be more useful than others when you’re just starting the game:

Cleaning: Cleaning Spray


Before you go for Faster Cleaning, unlock the Cleaning Spray. It makes you clean twice as fast as long as you have sprayed the stain. That later, when combined with higher levels of Faster Cleaning will make you remove stains at the speed of light, making it quite easy to unlock achievements such as The Fast and the Cleanest.

Collecting Trash: Nothing Goes to Waste


This is absolutely mandatory for those who don’t have the patience to separate items that are meant to be sold from the garbage. This perk allows you to collect everything you see with a trash bag and still earn 100% of its value if it’s something worth selling.

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Surface Finishes: Make it Big


When you start dealing with surface finishing in this game, the Make it Big perk will be a dream come true. It does make things happen much faster by allowing you to place a bunch of tiles at once. It’s just a nice quality of life improvement.

Selling Houses: Real Realtor


Although Tough Negotiator ensures that you will always make a little more money than you normally would from selling a house, Real Editor sometimes makes a buyer show up with a generous offer. One could say that both work well, depending on how much of a gambler you are. That said, instead of upgrading either of these two perks, unlock both before upgrading any of them.

- This article was updated on December 14th, 2023

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