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The Disney Afternoon Collection Guide: Recommended Order of Upgrades In Talespin

by Dean James


The Disney Afternoon Collection is a compilation of six Capcom games originally released on the NES that were based on shows from Disney’s popular Disney Afternoon block. The most different of the games included in The Disney Afternoon Collection is definitely Talespin, which is a side-scrolling shooter game. In-between levels, you will have the ability to upgrade your plane, the Seaduck, and we are here to give you some advice on the best method of doing so in this particular game that’s in The Disney Afternoon Collection

Every level but the very last one in Talespin has little boxes known as Loads and Moneybags scattered all around the level. Most of these are out in the open, but there are also some hidden one that require you to touch or hit the area of the sky where they are located. The amount of money you get for these is totaled up at the end of each level, with you getting a $100,000 bonus for a perfect score as well by collecting all Loads and Moneybags in a level, as well as simply entering the level’s bonus stage.

You definitely won’t need to collect every Load or Moneybag in the game to unlock everything, but you should definitely try to get as many as you can. There are even a few levels where there are no hidden money items, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a perfect.

After each level, you can spend the earned money you have so far in the game, which carries over if not spent. The money can be spent on upgrades to the Seaduck, which are very vital in you making it through the full game in tact, along with the ability to purchase extra continues.

The first upgrade you’re going to want to look at is the Rapid Shot that will cost you 40,000. You could just save and wait to buy the Super Rapid Shot that is just a better version of it, but you won’t have enough money to afford that after the first stage.

Depending on if you’re buying extra continues and lives, or how well you’ve done with collecting Loads and Moneybags, you may not want to purchase anything after the second stage as you will want to save up for the Engine boost that costs $200,000, which will make the Seaduck faster. This is going to be vital for the fourth stage when you are having to outrun ghosts in very tight quarters.

The next upgrade you are going to want to aim for is the Super Rapid Shot if you didn’t choose to save up earlier and get it and forgo the first Rapid Shot upgrade. This will cost you $400,000, so it’s going to take some saving up for, but it allows you to shoot more often and is going to be necessary against the final bosses in the game.

While you can choose instead to spend your money on more continues or lives later in the game, the final upgrade can also be a big help, which is to improve the Seaduck’s body for $300,000. This simply gives you a fourth heart to work with, which is very helpful in the final levels and especially against the game’s final boss, though not completely necessary.

For the most part, you can pick these upgrades in any order you want, but my biggest recommendation is to make sure you have the speed boost by level four as that will be a huge challenge that can take away a lot of your lives and continues very quickly.

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