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The Division 2: How To Create A Female Character

How to switch to a female character.

by Dean James


The Division has plenty of customization options for your agent and the sequel is no different in The Division 2. When trying to create a character however, it may not be that apparent how to switch to a female character from the default male agent. This guide will show you just how you can switch between a male and female playable character.

How To Create A Female Character

The character creator in The Division 2 offers players plenty of customization of their agent, whether it be a male or female one. The method of changing between the two genders though is not as obvious as it often is in other games though.

Rather than actually selecting a gender from the start, the gender swap is instead held under the “Toggle Body Type” option in the character creator. This is part of the first page where you can just randomize your character outright or you can also do it from the more in depth part of the creator as well.

To switch back and forth between the two, you simply have to press Y to “Toggle Body Type,” which will instantly switch you from male to female or vice versa. As with many of the other Appearance options, this cannot be changed once you actually create your character, so make sure to make the right decision the first time before starting up The Division 2 unless you want to start over again later.

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