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The Division 2: How To Donate

Help complete projects in your settlements.

by Dean James


One of the new additions in The Division 2 are that of Projects, new side tasks for you to complete throughout the game. Completing these will provide you with useful XP and blueprints for example. These tasks are varied, including many asking you to donate items to fulfill one of the tasks. This guide will detail just how you can donate for these projects in The Division 2.

How To Donate In The Division 2

Before even thinking about donating items, it’s a good idea to just go out and play a good bit of the game to obtain a number of different projects by unlocking new settlements and upgrading them. While doing this, make sure to accumulate some different items such as polycarbonate, ceramics, steel, different types of gear, and more.

When you are ready to donate necessary items, head to the Base of Operations or any settlements you have unlocked and find the Projects area. Speak with the person there and you will open a menu with all the active projects you have available. Highlight over each of these and look at the objectives.

For any of these projects that mention donating, see if you can press A to donate. If you have at least some of the requested item, it will allow you to press A and donate that specific item. If you only have enough for part of the request, it will just remain open until you are able to fulfill the remainder at a later date.

It’s always a good idea to check in on the projects pretty often and donate anything you can, as you will run out of storage room for your various supplies. Rather than deconstructing all your gear, always check projects first if you can, so you’re not having to go gather more and come back later.

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