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The Division 2 How to Extract From Dark Zone

Get out with the loot.

by William Schwartz


The Dark Zone is a good source of loot in The Division 2.  However, all of the loot in this area is contaminated so there is a special process that must be done to get it out of the Dark Zone.  Players must extract these contaminated items.  This guide will explain how to extract from Dark Zone in The Division 2.

How to Extract From Dark Zone in Division 2

Extractions can be started by firing a flare in designated extraction areas on the Dark Zone map.  Though you will need to be careful when going for an extraction because once you fire the flare you will attract nearby enemy factions and you’ll also need to be on the lookout for potential Rogue Agents who can cut the extraction rope and steal your items.  Or you can go rogue and steal other agents items.

To extract items from the Dark Zone, first you’re going to need to have items that need extracting.  You can get these from other players, or from clearing out enemy installations around the Dark Zone map.  You’ll see a yellow bag on your character’s back with a contamination symbol when you have a bag that can be extracted.

What you’ll want to do when you’re ready to extract is to head to one of the areas on the map that has an orange arrow with a square at the bottom of it.  These are extraction zones.  Simply head to one of these zones and then press the X/Square Button to begin extraction and call in a helicopter.  Once the helicopter gets to the extraction area you will need to attach the yellow bag to the extraction line.  You can also extract from helicopters that other players call in as well.

There are multiple extraction zones in each Dark Zone area and you’ll need to be careful of players going rogue and/or stealing your items from the helicopter extraction line.

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