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The Division 2: How To Fast Travel

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Open world games are more popular than ever right now, with The Division 2 being just the latest to release. With large scale worlds to traverse, traveling from place to place is very common and can often take quite awhile. That is where fast travel comes into play, with this guide explaining just how you can do so in The Division 2.

How To Fast Travel

While the location of The Division 2 has shifted from New York City in its predecessor to Washington D.C., there are still plenty of similarities between the two settings. Both cities are full of different types of locations, such as Safe Houses.

Fast travel does not mean that you can just move to anywhere on the map at anytime, but rather is limited to specific types of locations. These include the Base of Operations, Settlements, Safe Houses, and previously played Main Missions.

To actually execute the fast travel, open up the map and hover the cursor to any of the above mentioned location types. Once you actually hover over one of them, you should notice the grayed out icon for Fast Travel light up, allowing you to hold down the corresponding button to do so.

Main Missions that you have not yet reached may appear on the map, but they cannot be fast traveled to until you actually play them for the first time. After that, you can revisit them easily so that you can level up and unlock new loot.

Also of note, you do not have to be in a specific location to activate the fast travel, but rather are only limited to where you can travel to instead of from.

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