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The Division 2: How To Find The Ring Safe House

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Carrying over from the first game, Safe Houses once again play a big role in The Division 2. These are not only safe havens to meet up with other players, but also your best method of fast travel back and forth in the game once you unlock them. Finding them first is usually not all that difficult, but there are some that may take a little bit of time to track down. This guide will explain how to find the not so easy to locate The Ring Safe House in The Division 2.

How To Find The Ring Safe House In The Division 2

Safe Houses are located on the main map in The Division, though you will typically have to complete main missions in an area before you can actually gain access to the new Safe Houses. As a rule, you can just put a marker on the map for the Safe House and it’ll take you right to the entrance, but The Ring is not quite that easy.

It is still recommended that you put the marker for The Ring and follow it until you appear that you are right on top of it. This will lead you to a circular building with a hollowed out center that you can walk into. However, you will not see an entrance to the Safe House anywhere here. The path you are following will just turn you around in circles, so do the following to gain access.

Start in the inside part of the building, where you will notice three exits out into the outer area. Look for the exit that has a bunch of chairs and tables knocked over and you may faintly notice what looks like a Division logo, which is just an orange V on the outer wall. If not, walk further out and you will eventually see it.

As you get closer to it, you will notice a hole ahead with an orange circle around it. At this point, use the ladder to go down the hole and follow the path and you will now have access to The Ring Safe House.


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