The Division 2

The Division 2: How To Find Your Skill Power

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There is no question you could probably force your way through The Division 2 on your guns alone, but why make it that hard on yourself when you have an array of skills at your disposal? We’ve covered a number of different skills that are available in the game already, and you can boost them even further with what is known as Skill Power. In this guide, we’ll explain just how you can check what your Skill Power is in The Division 2.

How To Find Your Skill Power In The Division 2

Skills are very important in The Division 2 just like they were in the first, allowing you to use turrets and seeker mines, as well as new skills like drones and chem launchers. Checking to see what your current Skill Power is though can let you know how much of a boost you currently have.

To find out what your Skill Power is, you only have to go through a few steps in The Division 2. Starting off, go to the pause menu in the game and then hit the Character section.

From here, you will get your usual weapons and gear info that you are used to, but look over to the bottom left area. Within this left panel, you’ll see a heading for Skill Power, along with the current number you have just below your current Armor and Health.

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