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In The Division 2 there are 12 unique masks that you can find by completing different challenges in the game.  Each of the masks has a unique look and their one of the rarest collectibles in the game due to the fact that you can wear the item and prove to other players that you’ve tackled some tough challenges to get them.  The masks in The Division 2 are Hunter Masks, and as such, they must be taken from Hunters once you defeat them.  This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to get all 12 of the secret masks in the Division 2.

How to Get All Secret Masks in The Division 2

There are a couple of general tips for defeating the Hunters in The Division 2 when trying to get masks.  First you should probably have reached level 30 before trying to fight these enemies as they are extremely powerful and ranked 35.  Second, Hunters are more easily fought with a group of other players.  Lastly, you’re going to need to wait for nightfall to go for all but one of the Hunter masks.

Crimson Mask Location


To get the Crimson Mask you will want to head to the intersection of F St and 9th St in The Downtown East location.  Once you get to this building you will notice that there is a courtyard in the middle of it.  You will want to head into this courtyard.  To begin the challenge you will need to interact with two items on the north and south sides of the building.  Standing in the middle courtyard you can simply head south and then interact with the item on the desk and then head back to the north side of the building to interact with another item on another desk.

Doing so will spawn the Hunter with the Crimson Mask.  Take them down for your reward.

Daemon Mask Location


To trigger the Daemon Mask you’re going to need to solve a small puzzle for this one.  Head to the intersection of the 13th St and E St. At this transit center you will need to head down the stairs until you reach the middle of the building. Once in this middle area you will be surrounded by windows with a skylight above.  On the west side of the building interior windows you will find that there are targets on four different windows.

To trigger the Daemon Mask Hunter fight you’re going to need to shoot these targets from top left to bottom right.

Wraith Mask Location


Getting the Wraith Mask in The Division 2 is another multi-step process.  The first is heading to the Southwest Zone and then heading to the east side of the zone.  In this area you will find a flag pole.  Once you find the flag you simply need to use the salute emote to salute the flag and trigger the Hunter to spawn.  You can access the salute emote by pressing down on the d-pad and the selecting it.  You will need to salute the flag six times to trigger the Hunter fight.

Defeat the Hunter and you will earn the Wraith Mask.

Ghoul Mask Location


For the Ghoul Mask you’re going to want to head to West Potomac Park near the Lincoln Memorial and access an underground tunnel.  There are numerous tunnels in the area but you can use the image above to pick the correct one.  Head down the ladder into the tunnels and you will find that there is a make-shift Division agent hideout here.  In the hideout you will find a laptop on the desk and a map on the wall with the location of hunter that you’re looking for.  Interact with the laptop and a light will come on that allows you to get a closer look at the image in the map.

You will then head down to the long rectangular pool the Lincoln Memorial Reflection Pool to uncover the Hunter.  Once you get to the area on the map you will then need to shoot the light bulb hanging down from the scaffolding to begin the Hunter fight and take the Ghoul Mask.

Cross, Death, Diamond, and Phantom Mask


These four masks can be earned all in the same fight by triggering four different Hunters to spawn at once.  To do this you will need to head to the East Mall area of the game. In this area you will find an ice rink with a Christmas tree in the center of it as well as a restaurant area on the west side of the park.

First you’ll need to head into the restaurant on the west side of the park and interact with a lever on a coffee machine.  Once you do that you’ll want to head back to the ice rink and then stand next to the Christmas tree for a few seconds.  Doing this will trigger the Hunter fight that will allow you get you the Cross, Death, Diamond, and Phantom mask upon beating the Hunters.

Midas and Revenant Mask


You can get both the Midas and Revenant Masks in The Division 2 by triggering another multi-Hunter fight at the Potomac Event Center in the West End area of the map.  The West End is a higher level area, but you’ll once again need to solve a slight puzzle to trigger the Hunter fight.

Head to the location in the image above and when you get there you’ll notice two shallow pools.  You’ll need to stand in one of the pools and use the jumping jacks emote.  Using the jumping jacks emote by pressing down on the d-pad and selecting it will spawn two Hunters.  Defeat them to earn the Midas and Revenant masks.

Ghost and Specter Mask


The Ghost and Specter Hunter Mask challenge might be the most involved of the bunch.  To start it off you’re going to want to head to the Washington Monument.  If this area is under enemy control you will need to take it back from them as you will need to access the loot room.

Heading down the elevator shaft into the loot room you will find that there is a television screen hanging on the wall with a button to interact with.  Once you press the button you will see the screen on the television turn on and it will show you three different locations on the map.  These are the locations of three graves.  You will need to visit all three graves and salute them to start spawning the Hunters.

Once you have saluted the three graves you can track down the Hunters to get the Ghost and Specter masks.   Head back to the monument and into the loot room to the television that started the quest and you will find that there is now a circle on the screen.  Both the Ghost and the Specter masks will be earned by making a one-shot kill on the two Hunter who are hidden on the map.  If you miss the shot or use the wrong weapon when trying to take them out they will no longer be there and you must restart the challenge (You will not have to salute the graves again).

Things do get a little bit tricky here with these last two Hunters.  So here are a couple of the locations that they have been seen.


Where to see Mask collection

Once you’ve started collecting masks you can find them in the White House Network Room and they will be hanging on the wall.  You will be able to get 12 masks in The Division 2 if you’ve followed this guide.

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