The Division 2 How to Go Rogue

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In The Division 2 you’re almost always going to be cooperating with other Division agents.  That is, if you’re out in the normal world.  When you’re in the Dark Zone, it’s another game entirely as you can go rogue at a moments notice to kill other players and steal their loot.  Going rogue in The Division 2 is fairly easy to do.  This guide will explain how to go rogue and what to do once you’ve decided to work against your fellow agents.

How to go Rogue in The Division 2

Going Rogue can be done by pressing and holding the map button while in the Dark Zone.  Pressing this button and holding it down will produce a skull above the shoulder of your character and you’ll know that you’ve decided to go rouge.  A Rogue agent in The Division 2 can do a number of things that a normal agent cannot.  They can shoot and kill other players.  They can also steal other player’s loot, hack into terminals, break into chests, and more.

The downside to going rogue in The Division 2 is that if you kill another player in the Dark Zone you will become a Disavowed Agent who will be marked on the map to be hunted by all other players in the zone.

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