The Division 2 How to Join a Group & Play With Friends

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The Division 2 is definitely a game that is best played with others.  Whether that’s friends that you know or a group of random strangers, more guns is always better in this game.  This guide will explain how to join matchmaking in The Division 2 to join with other players and how to play with friends.

Using the matchmaking station in Settlements

Settlements will also have a matchmaking area that you can use.  Simply walk up to the station and press the X/Square button and you will be given some options on what type of activity you want to play.  You can play Random Activities, Random Main Missions, Random Bounty Missions, Open World Exploration Parties, Dark Zone, and Answering the Call modes.

How to use matchmaking to play with others

There are a couple of ways to tap into the community to play with others in The Division 2.  The first is to use matchmaking when trying to take on Main Missions.  These hexagon shaped map icons will allow you to hover over them and then use a matchmaking option to join a group.

Hover over the blue hexagon icons for the main missions.  At the bottom left of the map screen you will see an option to choose matchmaking.  On Xbox this option is selected by pressing the Y Button (Triangle on PC).

Once you press the button to initiate matchmaking you will then need to press either the A Button (Xbox) or X Button (PS4) to actually start to matchmake as you will see a new list of options at the bottom left of the screen.

After you’ve pressed the Matchmake button you will hear the game say that “You have received an invite to another agent’s group.”  When you hear this you can look to the bottom right of the screen.  You will see a small timer and an “Accept Invite” icon.  At this point you can press up on the d-pad to accept or down on the d-pad to decline.

If you change your mind and you do not want to play with others you can press the A/X button to stop matchmaking.

If you back out of the map screen you will the invite pop up where your hud would normally be.

How to play with friends


You can also play with friends by using the Social tab in the game’s menu.  Simply press the Menu (Xbox) or Options (PS4) button to open the game menu and you’ll see the social tab at the top left of the screen.

Once in this screen you can see your current group (if any) and manage things like invites, nearby players, friends, or clan members.  Here is where you’ll invite friends to play with you, or manage invites from friends to join them.

Simply use the analog stick to navigate down to friends and select the friend you would like to join with.  Highlight their name, select them, and then select the invite to group option.

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