The Division 2: How to Level Up Fast

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The Division 2 may look like a grounded, down-to-earth shooter, but its core is more like an RPG. While the base gameplay involves running and gunning and searching for loot, it all tracks back to your character’s level and various stats. And while you can improve yourself through finding better weapons and gear, if you aren’t a high enough level player you won’t be finding the best of the best. While there’s no singular way to level up as quickly as possible, there are ways to maximize the return on your time. Here’s how to level up fast in The Division 2.

How to Level Up Fast in The Division 2

Missions! Do missions! OK, that seems simple, but it’s the best tip which is why I want to get it out of the way (but be sure to keep reading so you know how to get the most out of them and more). Main missions are of course nice ways to earn a ton of XP and loot, but don’t ignore side missions as well. Those will help boost your level a lot, and keep you in top shape to actually tackle those main story missions.

Many of them have leaps in level requirements that won’t be covered if you’re just trying to speedrun through the game, so if you’re near a side mission, swing through and complete it. They’re usually a lot shorter than the bombastic story missions and can be completed in your spare time in between traveling to and from the White House.

On top of the official side missions, also watch out for the random encounters that pop up all around post-pandemic Washington DC. Control Points especially are a great way to level up fast. Taking them over is a quick and easy way to get some kills under your belt, and once you own them you can revisit them to earn some additional XP. Just stop by every once in awhile to drop off fresh supplies so you keep it under your control and earning you rewards.


Those are the activities you should keep in mind, and be sure to watch the map to see how much XP each will earn you. But there are other ways to max out the XP you receive so you level up fast. For one, if you don’t have reliable friends who will share the glory you may want to play by yourself. When an enemy is killed only players who have done damage will receive the XP, so if you aren’t hitting those Hyenas with your shots, you’re just wasting time.

But the thing you must do to level up fast in The Division 2 is to make sure you get the right perks unlocked as quickly as possible. In case you didn’t already know, perks are unlocked by checking in with the Quartermaster. The following perks all deliver XP bonuses, and should be among the first you spend your points on: Headshot Accolade, Multi-kill Accolade, Weakpoints Accolade, Tactical Kill Accolade, Survivor.

How do these work? The first two are obvious; headshots and multi-kills earn extra XP. Weakpoints will get more XP for killing enemies using their weakpoints. Tactical Kill levels you up when you kill enemies using environmental elements, such as exploding barrels. And Survivor gives you an XP boost whenever you go a long time without dying.

And those are the best tips and tricks for how to level up fast in The Division 2. Be sure to share any tips of your own in the comments below and we’ll keep this article up to date with all the latest.

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