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The Division 2: How To Make It Nighttime

Taking a look at the day and night cycle.

by Dean James


Day and night cycles in video games have been around for ages, with them very often playing big parts in open world games such as The Division. Like the first game, The Division 2 also has a day and night cycle, but can you actually force a change between the two? This guide will explain how you can go from day to night and night to day in The Division 2.

How To Make It Nighttime in The Division 2

The Division 2 follows up on the first game by continuing to have a day and night cycle that is continuously moving throughout the game. This means the game will gradually change from day to night, with times like dusk and dawn mixed in between.

Considering The Division 2 can once again be a single player experience outside of missions and hubs, you would think that you could adjust the in-game clock by perhaps sleeping or something at a Safe House. However, that is not the case yet again.

The in-game clock in The Division 2 cannot be changed, regardless of if you join a player’s session or anything. This is a dynamic ongoing clock set for the game that cannot be altered, even if you log out and log back in.

As a result, if you want to make it specifically daytime or nighttime before a certain mission in the game, you’re going to have to wait around for a little while. Thankfully, the clock does move at a decent pace, with every in-game minute being about 4-5 real world seconds. This means an entire 24 hour cycle takes between 96 minutes and 120 minutes give or take, so you should experience multiple cycles in lengthy play sessions.

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