The Division 2

The Division 2: How To Melee Enemies

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Like any looter shooter or shooting game in general, your main weapon in The Division 2 is certainly going to be your choice of gun. This is always going to do the most damage rapidly, but there are also circumstances where you may run out of most of your ammo or are up close and need a bit of a personal touch. That is when you will need to know just how to use your melee attack in The Division 2.

How To Melee Enemies

There are a few different times in The Division 2 where you would need to bring out the fisticuffs rather than your gun. You should always have access to three different guns, with your pistol giving you unlimited ammo. However, you may run out of ammo from your two main weapons that likely rapid fire and then end up in a fight that is much more up close and personal to where the pistol will not help you out.

In these situations, you can use melee attacks to attack enemies by pressing the right analog stick down, also known as pressing R3. Depending on the type of weapon you are holding, you will either smack your enemy with the gun you are holding or sometimes your fist as well.

Melee attacks are definitely going to be a bit of a last resort type option in The Division 2, as you will take massive damage when up close from enemies. However, it is always good to have it by your side when you need a quick knockout punch.

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