The Division 2 How to Play Skirmish Conflict PvP

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The Conflict PvP Mode is one of the new modes available in The Division 2 that allow players to square off against each other in competition.  There are a couple of different ways that you can access PvP in The Division 2 and you can do so pretty early on in your time with the game.  This guide will explain how to play skirmish conflict pvp in The Division 2.

How to play PvP in The Division 2

There are two ways to go about playing PvP in The Division 2.  You can head to your Base of Operations at the White House and visit the NPC there.  Or, you can access the PvP menu within the Map Screen.  Both options will give you identical ways to play the mode.  To find the NPC at the White House you’ll want to be looking outside to find them.  Alternatively, you can just press the map button and then tab between the options at the top left of the screen by using the RB/R1 or LB/L1 Buttons.

The Conflict icon will be the second one from the left with the Division symbol, skull and two rifles.  Accessing the menu from either area gives you the same options and will begin the matchmaking process to find a PvP match.

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