The Division 2 How to Roll

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One of the best ways to get out of the way of fire or to avoid a charging enemy in The Division 2 is to roll to safety.  Rolling is one of the skills that every character has as a default move from the moment that you start the game and you’ll want to use it while in combat.  This guide will explain exactly how to roll in The Division 2.

How to Roll in The Division 2

Rolling in The Division 2 is done by double-tapping the A Button (Xbox One), X Button (PS4), or Space Key on PC.  Double-tapping the button can be done while you are sprinting for a forward roll, or you double-tap the roll button at any time while stationary and press any direction to roll that way.  By default, if you just double tap the roll button with no direction on the left thumbstick the character will roll forward.

When to use a roll

There are plenty of useful scenarios where you can use the roll move in The Division 2.  Enemies in the game are really good at flanking so if you get caught off guard by an enemy at your flank, you can use the roll move to find a new piece of cover.  You can also use the move if you find yourself out in the open while trying to reload and are taking damage.  Rolling away from enemies will make it much harder for them to hit you and give you time to recover health, or reload your weapon to return fire.

Since The Division does not have a stamina meter of any kind, you can roll as much as you want.  Enemies will have a very hard time hitting you while you are in the roll animation, but there is a brief moment where you will be stationary and open for attack after you come out of the roll so keep this in mind when using the roll move in The Division 2.

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