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The Division 2: How To Share/Drop Items

Learn how to give extra items to your party members.

by Dean James


The Division 2 is just the latest in what has now become known as the looter shooter genre, where the goal is not only to level up and play through the story, but also to collect as much loot as you can along the way. These have different rarities and levels to them, but often these items you find will not be of use to you. Rather than just outright deconstructing them for parts though, you can share these items with your teammates. This guide will detail just how you can share loot with your teammates in The Division 2.

How To Share/Drop Items In The Division 2

As you get higher and higher level in The Division 2, you will start to get a lot of either repeat items or ones that are not up to par with your already equipped gear. As a result, you will likely want to share some of these items with friends you are playing with instead of just deconstructing them for parts.

To do this, you must be in the same party and be within one hour of when you acquired said item. This allows you to keep playing through that very mission, as you should have no trouble completing it in under an hour, and then trading items at the very end.

When you are ready to share the item with one of your teammates, you must go to the start menu and then the specific character menu with your weapons and gear. From here, find the specific weapon or gear that you want to share and highlight over that item. At that point, press down on the left analog stick, also known as L3, to bring up the Item Options menu.

On the Item Options Menu, you can scroll down one to the option that simply says Share. All you have to do is select this and the item will drop back on the ground, allowing any of your current party members to grab it. If you are going to do this, make sure that the person you are trying to give it to is nearby, so another party member does not grab it first, as it is first come first served.

Sharing and dropping items does not come into play as often with solo play when just matching with random players, but when you are running with a crew of actual friends, this can really help to bolster your team at a much more rapid pace.

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