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The Division 2: How To Switch Weapons

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As with most any looter shooter, there are an incredible amount of different guns to find and use in The Division 2. These differ in levels and rarity, so you will often be wanting to switch between them both in combat and in general. This guide is to explain just how you can do both of these when it comes to your weapons.

How To Switch Weapons

In The Division 2, you can have three different guns equipped at one time, a primary, secondary, and sidearm. The primary and secondary can be chosen from the same pool of guns you have collected in the game and equipped to either slot. For instance, you can have the same type of gun in both, but it is usually better to mix it up by having say a light machine gun and a shotgun for a good mix of range and power.

These weapons are selected by going into the main menu and choosing either the left or middle gun slots. From here, you can pick the gun you want to equip in that slot, with the left one being the primary and the middle the secondary. The third slot on the right is for your sidearm, which is usually a pistol or something similar to that. This type of gun is most useful for switching to quickly when your magazine is depleted, as the switch is always faster than reloading.

The actual switching in combat is also just as simple, with it all being done with the Y button on Xbox One or the respective button on other platforms. By pressing Y once, you will switch to the secondary weapon. Pressing Y once again will switch back to the primary, with it going back and forth whenever you press it.

To switch to the sidearm however, you must rapidly press Y twice. This can be done whether you are holding your primary or secondary weapon. You can then press Y once again to switch back to your other weapons as well.

Learning the right times to switch guns between reloads can really help you out a lot in The Division 2, especially when you are facing a barrage of enemies at one time.

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