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The Division 2: How To Throw Grenades

Learn how to take out a crowd of enemies with one blow.

by Dean James


The Division 2 may have plenty of new features and abilities for gamers to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean that the gameplay from the first game has changed drastically. There are just some staples that you cannot remove from a game like The Division 2 and the ability to use grenades is one of those. Like the first game though, throwing grenades is not just as simple as holding down one button and letting go, so this guide will tell you just how to throw grenades in The Division 2.

How To Throw Grenades

Grenades are always a useful tactic to clear a crowd of enemies that may be hiding behind a wall that you cannot shoot through and that is no different in The Division 2. This means they can be very useful as you are clearing main missions or even just fighting random enemies on the street or in the Dark Zone.

To access your grenades in The Division 2, it is wise to first be behind cover. At that point, press left on the D-Pad to grab a grenade, which will then lead to an arc trajectory popping up on the screen. Move this around and watch the orange radius displayed, as that will be the range in which your grenade will land.

When you have aimed just where you want the grenade to go, press the right trigger to toss the grenade in that direction. When doing this inside of buildings, be careful to not hit ceilings along the way, as it may end up backfiring and bouncing back on you instead.

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