The Division 2: How To Turn Off Call for Backup Requests

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Rather than finding players all over the map, The Division 2 takes cues from the first game by having them only showing up concurrently in certain hub like areas. You can try to take on various missions by yourself, but it is highly recommended that you do them in groups instead. If say an agent is booted mid-mission though, the game will try to find you a replacement through the “Call for Backup” system. This pop-up notification will constantly pop up for you to join other people’s games as backup though, which can get annoying pretty quickly. Thankfully, there is a way to disable this option, which this guide will explain to you exactly how to do.

How To Turn Off Call for Backup Requests

If you’re getting tired of the constant Call for Backup requests, there is a way to deactivate them in The Division 2. To do so, start off by getting to a safe area and entering the Menu screen. On this screen, scroll down to the bottom right to the Settings section.

Once you are in the Settings, select Gameplay and then scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the screen. There are a lot of different options on the Gameplay part of the Settings, so make sure to just keep going until you get to the bottom.

Once you reach the last option, which will be called the “On Call Status” option, you will want to change to Off to deactivate the alerts. This will mean you will no longer receive the notifications constantly while playing, which can definitely take you out of the experience with how frequent they can be. Therefore, you can immerse yourself much more into the game as you are focusing on your own playthrough.

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