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The Division 2: How To Use An Armor Kit (Medkit)

This will save you when you are low on health.

by Dean James


Any shooter is going to have you constantly moving between firefights, with you more than likely sustaining some damage along the way. The first Division game included typical Medkits that you could use to heal and now they have returned in The Division 2, this time with a little different name. This guide is for how you use Medkits, or as they are now known in The Division 2, Armor Kits.

How To Use Armor Kits

The Division 2 features a two part health bar, which is signified by white spaced out lines followed by an orange health bar beneath that. When you are hit by enemies, the white lines go first, while the orange is your last resort.

While there are abilities that can help to heal you in the game, the most tried and true method of healing is by using straight up Armor Kits. These operate just like the Medkits of the past, where you can use them in battle to quickly replenish health.

To activate an Armor Kit, just hold down the right button on the D-pad and it will heal you after a few seconds. You start with only three of these though, so you have to be very careful in how you use them, especially early in the game.

There are also upgrades to where you can hold up to six of these, so it is highly recommended that you upgrade this occasionally throughout the game as the difficulty escalates.

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