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The Division 2: How To Use Chem Launchers

Put enemies in sticky situations.

by Dean James


The Division 2 carried over many of the things we know and love from the first game, but Ubisoft Massive also definitely brought in some new and unique content as well. This was definitely seen with a mix of old and new skills in the game, with the Chem Launcher being one of the brand new ones. This guide will break down the four types of Chem Launcher Skill Variants available in The Division 2.

How To Use Chem Launchers In The Division 2

Chem Launchers may look like little mini-guns, but they are very different from anything else in your arsenal. If you don’t pick up this skill until later on in the game, you will also start to come across enemies using it, which can get incredibly frustrating. Seeing how useful it can be against you will definitely make you at least interested in using it, so it’s good to know just what you can choose from when it comes to this skill.

The first of the Chem Launcher Skill Variants is Riot Foam Chem Launcher, which shoots sticky foam that any enemies in the vicinity will get stuck to. They will then have to break out of this once it hardens if they want to escape. What makes this even more deadly is that the foam expands very quickly, which you will most definitely see when used against you for the first time. I really enjoyed having some fun with this one, though it may take some practice figuring out its best uses.

For the pyromaniacs out there, you may not have an actual flamethrower to use in The Division 2, but the Firestarter Chem Launcher is the closest you’ll get. With the Firestarter, you’ll send out nearly invisible gas that can be ignited rather easily either by you or others. This extends to not only your teammates, but also the enemies as well. If they shoot their weapon in the wrong spot, they may go up in flames thanks to the gases.

While not flammable like the last, the Oxidizer Chem Launcher also utilizes gas as well. This Chem Launcher fires a cloud of gas that will eat away at enemy armor and tech within the range of the cloud, which can make these enemies easy targets for you to pick off right after.

The Reinforcer Chem Launcher takes the exact opposite approach as the Oxidizer, as it fires a cloud of gas as well. However, this one differs in that it will actually heal the armor of both you and your party members within the range of the cloud.

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