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The Division 2: How To Use Drone

Use a drone to even the playing field.

by Dean James


The Division 2 has built on the original by offering not just six, but eight different Skills for your agent to use in battle. While some of these are returning Skills, one of the brand new ones in the sequel is that of a Drone. This guide will tell you just how to use the four Drone variants in The Division 2.

How To Use Drone

The Drone Skill feels in some ways like an evolution of the Turret, even though the Turret did return this time around as well. The Drone flies around once you activate it, with four different versions handling a little different from the others.

Most basic of the bunch is the Striker Drone, which simply flies around and continuously fires on enemies while trying to maintain line of sight on them. You can even manually select a target by aiming and the assigned button. This is most useful for large groups of weaker enemies, while also being good to really do some damage to a stronger enemy. For a bit more of a bang, the Bombardier Drone is available, which lets you target two areas where it will then drop explosives between the two.

Going with a more defensive strategy, the Defender Drone flies around your agent and tries to deflect bullets thanks to the sonic emitter on it. The Fixer Drone also is more of a defensive option, as it heals nearby teammates’ armor, with you also able to manually target certain teammates as well.

Overall, the Drone seems to be the even more efficient version of the Turret, so make sure to try and grab this Skill as early as you can in the game.

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