The Division 2: How To Use Firefly Skills

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The Division 2 features a varying array of different skills for you to equip during the game, some old and some new. The Firefly is certainly one of the most intriguing, because longtime The Division fans may remember a variant of this actually being in the trailer for the original game before being cut prior to release. The Division 2 brings this skill to fruition however and this guide will detail the different Skill Variants you can get in the game.

How To Use Firefly Skills In The Division 2

The Firefly skill in The Division 2 comes in three different forms, with each having unique ways of helping you in battle. First of all is the Blinder Firefly, which pretty much does what it sounds like it would do. By releasing and aiming the Blinder Firefly at enemies, it will blind anybody it passes over, which will hinder them temporarily in battle. This is a good opportunity to strike or perhaps to retreat a bit if you need to heal.

Next up is the Burster Firefly, which is the most offensive of the bunch. The Burster Firefly flies out just like the first one and attaches explosive charges to targets, but they don’t detonate until two are close in proximity. This lets you set some interesting traps with enemies that are nearby each other in one full swing.

Lastly, the Demolisher Firefly deals damage in a much more strategic way than you might think based on its name. The Demolisher takes out enemies in a few ways, including destroying enemy weak points, skill proxies, and even hitting environmental explosives that it is nearby. This one is the most multi-purpose, but really requires the most precision to execute correctly.

The Firefly skill is definitely pretty useful, though I’d say there are definitely better options in the bunch out there. It is still cool that it finally made it’s way into the game after being cut from the first though.

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