The Division 2 How to Use Flare Gun

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Using the flare gun in The Division 2 will allow you to call in reinforcements to help you deal with large groups of hostile enemies.  The flare gun is an item that you can use when you are within an area that is controlled by the enemy.  This guide will explain how to use the flare gun in The Division 2.

How to use Flare Gun in The Division 2

The flare gun can only be pulled out when you are in an area that is controlled by the enemy.  More specifically, you can only use it when are trying to liberate an enemy control point.  When you are entering one of these areas you will see a red overlay when close by that tells you what enemy faction is controlling the area.  Once you cross the control point line you will have the ability to use your flare gun to summon A.I. companions.

To shoot the flare gun you will need to wait for the prompt that appears above your ammunition and health bars.  Text will appear that asks you if you would like to shoot the flare gun.  You will simply hold down the corresponding button until the circle around it fills completely.

Once you’ve shot the flare gun you will see NPC characters enter the area and help you take out the nearby enemies.  Liberating a control point will allow you to access a supply room that will give you good loot to increase your character’s power.

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