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The Division 2: How To Use Hive Skills

Use mini-drones to heal or to destroy.

by Dean James


One of the coolest features in The Division 2 is how it takes some of the skills we had in the first game and mixes some of them together to create new Skills all together with different Skill Variants. One of the most useful of these is definitely the Hive, which can be used for not only healing purposes, but also for offensive ones as well. This guide will explain just how you can use the four Skill Variants for the Hive Skill.

How To Use The Hive Skills

There were a number of different healing skills available in the first game, with the Hive taking over as the main healing option outside of Armor Kits in The Division 2. The Restorer Hive Skill Variant allows you to throw a little device that will then use mini-drones to heal the armor on you or your teammates that are within the radius shown by a green circle. This will continually repair armor until the timer is up, making it a very good option to keep your armor in tact against a group of enemies.

Instead of outright healing your armor, the Reviver Hive Skill Variant does just what the name sounds like. Just like the Restorer, the Reviver is set within a certain radius from where you drop it and will heal teammates within that zone. If they are within this range, you can manually have the mini-drones revive them, or you can hold down the button you have the Hive equipped to charge the drones to give the teammate more health upon revival.

While the last two Skill Variants for the Hive focused on healing, the third takes a different support approach. The Booster Hive sends out a mini-drone for each member on your team and provide boosts to them. This includes upgrades to different physical capabilities of the agent, which can definitely help a lot in battle.

Lastly, we have the one offensive variant for the Hive known as the Stinger. The Stinger Hive sends out mini-drones as well, but these target enemies rather than teammates and begin to attack them by targeting their weak spots. This may not be quite as offensive as say the turret, but it definitely does a great job and shows how much versatility the Hive itself has in The Division 2.

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