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The Division 2: How To Use Pulse Skills

Never lose track of enemies behind walls again.

by Dean James


The Division offered multiple different skills for players to use, with most focusing on either offense or healing capabilities. Going for something a little different was the Pulse, as it was the more strategic option that was good to have equipped on at least one team member. The Division 2 brings back the Pulse yet again, this time with a new trick up its sleeve. This guide will break down the difference between the three types of Pulse Skill Variants in The Division 2.

How To Use Pulse In The Division 2

Instead of dealing damage like a number of the skills in The Division 2, the Pulse focuses on giving players an advantage over the large groups of enemies that you’ll be facing in the game. The Standard Pulse Skill Variant is just as you remember it in the first game, where activating it will do a quick pulse around your immediate area and highlight any enemies found in that range. These enemies will be lit up with icons, so you can see just who is hiding behind nearby walls and such.

The second option, known as the Remote Pulse, is really just a portable version of the Standard Pulse. When using the Remote Pulse, you can throw it or set it down in a specific area and it will do a few pulses that will once again detect enemies. The ability to throw this one from afar allows you to know exactly where enemies that are further away are hiding to better prepare yourself as you advance on their position.

Lastly, we have a brand new variation on the Pulse that can be quite useful in certain situations. Rather than giving you information about enemies, the Jammer Pulse disrupts the ability to enemies to use electronics against you by sending out an EMP that overloads and disables them. This one is more when you’re facing enemies that rely on their own tech, so it would be wise to have it unlocked and ready to swap in at any time.

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