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The Division 2: How To Use Seeker Mines

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The Division 2 features a number of different Skills, some that are returning and some that are brand new. Even with the returning though, there are some with little changes thanks to the Skill Variants. The Seeker Mine is one of the returning Skills that is familiar, yet has some new options for you. This guide details the four different Skill Variants for the Seeker Mine in The Division 2.

How To Use Seeker Mines In The Division 2

Seeker Mines come in multiple forms yet again in The Division 2, with a little twist being thrown in that makes them not only for offensive purposes. The Explosive Seeker Mine is the basic version that has you activating the Seeker Mine, picking a location you want the mine to go to, and sending it off to explode at said area.

Similar to the Explosive Seeker Mine, the Airburst Seeker Mine’s target is to damage opponents from afar. However, instead of detonating at ground level, this one flying up to head level when it reaches its target and detonates there. This was my personal favorite of the two, as it seemed to deal greater damage to the enemies than the Explosive Seeker Mine, but really both work pretty similarly.

Each of the first two cause larger scale explosions with the Seeker Mines going for one target. The Cluster Seeker Mine changes this up by sending smaller mines at multiple targets. After you activate this one, each of the mines picks and a target and goes after them. The downside here though is that they are easier to avoid, as they do not keep following enemies if they move from their initial location.

Not all Seeker Mines are offensive capable though, as the Mender Seeker Mine focuses instead on healing either you or allies. This mine repairs the armor of the target player, or will go to the person who has lost all their armor if no target is selected. I personally would stick with the other healing options over this one, but it can still be useful regardless.

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