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The Division 2: How To Use Shield Skills

Get some extra protection in battle with your shield.

by Dean James


Most of the time in The Division 2 is spent firing your weapons from behind cover, such as vehicles or barriers. However, sometimes you just want to break out from cover and go firing right at the enemy directly. This is typically unwise due to how quickly you can take damage, but that is where the Shield skill comes into play. This guide will explain the three types of Shield skills available in the game.

How To Use Shield Skills In The Division 2

Regardless of the type of Shield skill you have equipped, you will be adding some form of protection to your arsenal. There are still some distinct differences though with how they can be used.

The Bulwark Shield is first and is definitely the most protective shield of the bunch. This one covers pretty much your entire body as you’re walking, but that also comes with a disadvantage as well. While using the Bulwark Shield, you are limited to exclusively sidearms due to the size of the shield. The protective nature of the shield is great, but it can really hurt not being to use anything except a sidearm.

Second is the Crusader Shield, which is by far my favorite of the bunch in The Division 2. This one is a lighter shield, which also means it does not protect your entire body, in this case the legs. However, this one does allow you to use a lot more weapon varieties, with only rifles, light machine guns, and marksman rifles not being allowed. This is one you want to use to go in and really take down enemies with say an assault rifle or something while keeping yourself protected.

The third and final Shield skill available is that of the Deflector Shield, which shares one characteristic with the Bulwark in that you can only use sidearms. This is due to the fact that the shield has no brace with it being built to ricochet bullets to nearby targets that you have selected. This one can be useful, but I still personally find the Crusader Shield to be the best of the bunch overall.

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