The Division 2: How to Use Weapon Skins

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Given its nature as a loot-shooter, The Division 2 really focuses on weapons and their customization. This includes weapon mods, which alter the actual stats of the gun, but it also includes cosmetic stuff like weapon skins. In fact, while the mods are more consequential, the skins are what most players really care about. Right? But the system for weapon skins can be a bit confusing. To help, here’s how to use weapon skins in The Division 2.

The process for how to use weapon skins is actually the same as how to mod weapons and gear. First you need a weapon that can be altered, which means playing enough to find these semi-rare items. Once you have one and a skin you want to use for it, just open up your inventory and equip/select it. Hit F on PC, X on Xbox One, and Square on PS4 to open up the proper menu.

You can now choose from various mods to apply to the weapon, but we’re specifically looking for skins here. That is found in the circular mod section near the butt of the gun. Navigate to it and select it to see what skins are available, select the weapon skin you want to use and apply it. This will immediately alter your weapon with the skin, letting you show off your fancy new loot.

And that’s how to use weapon skins in The Division 2.

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