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The Division 2 Warlords of New York – How To Fix Character Locked Issue

Specific to Xbox One players.

by Dean James


Ubisoft just released the first major expansion for The Division 2 known as Warlords of New York, which takes players back to New York for brand new story missions and more. However, soon after the release of the new expansion, some players started having issues with the game, namely people who happened to be using gamesharing on Xbox One. The problem was being completely locked out of playing the game at all for characters that had started the expansion prior, but thankfully there is a fix now for this problem.

How To Fix Character Locked Issue

Gamesharing is a feature found on Xbox One that allows people to share content across two different Xbox One consoles, which is very helpful when it comes to families or roommates especially. By using gamesharing, games can be purchased on one account and played across both, though this can only be done with two people.

This feature of course extended to The Division 2, allowing people in the same household to play it across two Xbox One consoles if they used it. This also seemed to work for the Warlords of New York expansion too, as the account that didn’t purchase the expansion could still go and download the add on as per usual to gain access to it.

The problem though came when players would start up The Division 2 and head to New York. You typically would be able to play for awhile, but after a few hours, you would get booted to the main menu and be completely locked out of your account. As you cannot return to DC in the game until you complete the New York section, this meant your character you used was completely locked for usage period in the game.

Thankfully, Ubisoft was quick to fix this problem through a new update that hopefully should fix the bug. Just downloading the update may not work though, as they recommend you restart your console and then download the update. Once you load back up The Division 2, you should be able to access your character again and jump right back in the Warlords of New York expansion, regardless of whether you are using it through gamesharing or not.

Ubisoft also confirmed that this would work through gamesharing and that this was just a bug that prevented it from not working. However, the same cannot be said for PS4 owners that use the sharing feature on their consoles, as they have confirmed that Warlords of New York cannot be accessed through it. While the sharing feature would work for the base version of The Division 2, both players would have to purchase the Warlords of New York expansion separately to play.

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