The Last Faith: Navigating Mythringal and how to access the Federal Inquisition

Finding the Seals for the door to the Inquisition!

by Guillermo Rosario
Image: Kumi Souls Games

Your journey in The Last Faith will first take you to Mythringal, a massive Victorian cityscape full of monsters. To progress through the story, you will come across a large door that’ll take you into the Federal Inquisition — however, three seals keep the door firmly locked.

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The First Seal Location

Image: Kumi Souls Games

The First Seal to destroy is quite close to the door itself. Scale the platforms in the area where the door is. There are two gunmen to kill on the platforms and an open door on the left side. As soon as you enter this room, there are two small knifemen and one gunman in the room. After eliminating them, climb up the ladder and the Seal will be right in the leftmost corner of the room.

The Second Seal Location

Image: Kumi Souls Games

This seal is arguably the furthest from the door. Starting where the door rests, climb down the ladder into a room where a Haemolymph statue stands. Upon entering the room, slay the monstrous cold ones residing on your way down and press the switch for a shortcut.

After climbing down the last ladder, enter the door on the left and you’ll find a marksman with a large knife-wielding maid. Kill them both and leave through the door on the left, and you’ll find a ladder and elevator to activate. Activate the ladder for the shortcut and work your way down the ladder. After the second ladder, the second seal will be right there to smash.

The Third and final Seal Location

Image: Kumi Souls Games

The third and arguably easiest of the seals to discover in Mythringal. To find this one, go down the ladder with the Haemolymph statue and kill the monsters in the next room. This would be the same beginning path toward the second seal. This time, however, instead of going to the left door where the marksman and large maid reside, go to the right door. You’ll find yourself in a small courtyard area, and the third and final seal will be at the end of the small room.

Once all three seals are gone, the path to the Federal Inquisition will be open and you’ll finally be able to traverse through the horrifying experiments courtesy of Dr. Hermann.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2023

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