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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, How to Get Hornet Larvae

Getting this treasure might sting a bit

by Luna Wilkes


The upgrade system in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD may call for some odd things at times, so we’ll be looking at how to get hornet larvae. Unlike a lot of the other treasures in the game, these ones can be a bit hard to come by as there are very few spots in the game where you’re able to get them. They’re useful for a few key upgrades as well, so knowing exactly where to get them is rather useful. So prepare yourself to get stung a lot because where there are hornet larvae, there are bound to be hornets as well.

How to Get Hornet Larvae

While there’s no real preparation needed to get your hands on these, it can help to have a bug net on hand, which you can be from Beedle’s shop for a small price. This will let you deal with the deku hornets that guard the larvae. Once you’ve gotten your hands on the bug net or have opted to go without one, hop on your Loftwing and start heading for the green beacon of light leading to the Faron Woods. Once there, you’ll need to drop down into the deep woods section of the forest, this is the area surrounding the game’s first dungeon if you’re not sure. This is the only spot in the game where you can reliably get the larvae, so you’ll be coming back here a lot if you’re in need of them.

The best spot to get them is from a tree near the start of the area, where you can see a hornet nest hanging from the branches. Now you have a few options here on how to get that nest to come crashing to the ground. You can hit it from a distance with a ranged attack to bring it down while also making the hornets disperse. Or, if you want to catch some of the hornets themselves, you can knock it down while close to it and then go nuts with the net to get some of them, though don’t expect them to sell for very much. Once the hornets have been disposed of you can just walk up to where the nest broke and pick up your larvae.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available now on Nintendo Switch

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