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The Medium – Clock Puzzle Solution

Niwa Hotel Manager's Office Walkthrough

by Kyle Hanson


The Medium has a lot of elements in it that are drawn from Survival Horror games of the past, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. One of these is the inclusion of puzzles which present the player with a challenge in order to progress in the story. Most of the puzzles are quick and easy, requiring you to look for an item or work through a challenge. But a couple of times in the campaign you are presented with a true puzzle challenge. This is the case with the clock puzzle in the Niwa Hotel manager’s office. Here’s a walkthrough including the clock puzzle solution in The Medium.

The Medium Clock Puzzle Walkthrough and Solution

Horror game fans should be pretty familiar with clock puzzles, as they seem to feature in pretty much every major game in the genre. The Medium is no different, presenting you with a grandfather clock inside of the Niwa Hotel manager’s office that has a lot of power behind it. Changing the time on the clock face will rewind or fast forward through the spiritual history of the room, letting Marianne use her unique powers as a medium to explore what happened and reach the back room that is locked off to her physical self.

Here’s how to get into that backroom using the clock in the manager’s office.

  • Rewind time completely
  • Interact with everything in the office to recharge the energy
  • Store spiritual energy from the desk
  • Move time forward until you see the back door open
  • Use “out of body” to walk in there as spirit Marianne
  • Use the stored energy to power up the door switch
  • Return to your body
  • Interact with the book shelves and use Insight (LB) to see the switch
  • Press it to slide the bookshelves out of the way

And that’s the clock puzzle solution and a quick walkthrough of the Niwa Hotel manager’s office in The Medium.

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