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The Outer World Guide: Brave New World (Save Akande) Walkthrough

Bring the mad scientist to his knees.

by Brandon Adams


Dr. Phineas will not go quietly into the night, and has started a riot on Tartarus, the Board’s prison world. To make matters worse he has taken Akande as a hostage, and it is on you and your crew to save her. It’s about to be a Brave New World in The Outer Worlds, and you’re gonna establish who will be in power after its birth.

Chart a course for Tartarus.

Do note: heading to Tartarus is a one-way trip, and there is no going back. Complete any companion quests you have left over, find science weapons you are missing: if there is anything you want to get done get it done before leaving for the prison world.

Once you have set course and been warned by the game you can’t come back from this you’ll get a call from the docking authority. You can convince them to assist you in your raid with either a 35 Persuade or 35 Intimidate, or you can ask for a prisoner biometric ID if you’d rather use the shroud to sneak through the prison quietly. Once you make your choice and wrap up the conversation you will be able to leave your ship.

On the dock you’ll find prisoners between you and your objective. However, depending on your choices during the game you may have reinforcements appear during Brave New World. Here on the dock the crew of the Groundbreaker will assist you if you helped them repair their ship, and you can go either loud or quite, with no penalty for pursuing either option.


Push through the prison to save Akande.

Push towards the elevator in the back and head down. Make your way across the bay however you see fit till you reach the next waypoint. There will be a room with vending machines and a workbench on the left, so use it to restock, repair, and upgrade to make Brave New World easier. Afterwards, use the door to enter The Pit.

In The Pit you can take the long way around on the right, or lockpick the door to your left for a shortcut, assuming you have 55 Lockpick. No matter what, press forward as you have till you reach the lift. Take it up, and if you made friendly with the Iconoclasts (or got them to join with the MSI) they will drop in to assist. Head towards the double doors to the right and make your way to a locked door: the terminal next to it will unlock it for you, no skill check required.

Inside you will find the body of the chairman. Seems Phineas has no intent on taking prisoners. Press on to the lift outside the door. Once up top MSI will come to your aid if you assisted them (or made them join with the Iconoclasts). Keep moving to the center of the room, and take the lift up to the final area.


Confront Dr. Phineas Welles and his automechanical.

When you approach the screens Phineas will message you. He is upset you betrayed him after all he did for you, and he threatens that if he dies then Akande dies, unless you talk him down. A 100 Lie check or high perception check will help you calm the man, but if you can’t pass those you will get a chance to try a 55 Science or 55 Medical check instead: these will lead to a combination 90 Intimidate and 90 Handguns check. If you can’t pass those then prepare for a fight.

If you placate the good doctor, head through the door on the right, where you will find the key to rescue Akande. Take it and release her. Once you talk to her you’ll get some dialog, followed by the final cutscene. Congrats, you’ve helped the Board initiate their Lifelong Employee Program!

If you have to fight, then the door on the left will unlock. Head down, but before you enter the arena you can try and disable the automechanicals with a 100 Lockpick on the sealed door, followed by a 100 Hack at the terminal. If you can’t do these two things, head inside to battle R.A.M. and some minor bots: shock damage will be useful here.


Kite R.A.M. around the room, and deal with the combat drones as they appear. R.A.M. has a weakspot on his back that can be hit if you cripple him by shooting his legs while in TTD. He shield will absorb most damage aimed at him, so use TTD to line up precision shots as well.

Once his is down grab the hibernation key from him, and head upstairs. Phineas will make a last stand, but he is easy to take down: a headshot in TTD will likely one-shot him. Loot the chairman’s key from his corpse and rescue Akande. After a brief dialog with her you will trigger the final cutscene: congratulations, you have helped lead the colony into a Brave New World, with the Board firmly in control.

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- This article was updated on:October 25th, 2019

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