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The Outer Worlds – How to Hack Terminals

Hack terminals and robots

by William Schwartz


In The Outer Worlds there are many terminals that you can hack in the game.  Some of them contain valuable information, can open doors, offer key cards and more.  Hacking in The Outer Worlds requires two things:  Bypass Shunts and Hacking Skill.

You can find Bypass Shunts all over the world


Bypass Shunts are going to be found all over the world in The Outer Worlds.  Pick up as many of these items as you can so you are never unable to hack because of a lack of these items.  If you have enough Bypass Shunts, the second part of the equation is having a high enough hacking skill for a terminal.

Raise your Hack Skill Level Reduces Hack Time


The ability to hack a terminal is directly tied to your hacking skill level and whether you have the number of Bypass Shunts.  To increase your Hacking ability you will look under the Stealth Skill Section.  Once you’ve leveled up the core stealth skill to 50 you will need to add points to each Hack unit individually to get it to the level you want.

The Hacking Skill reduces the hacking time and number of Bypass Shunts that are needed to hack a terminal.  Raising your hack skill high enough will allow you to hack automechanicals as well.

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