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The Outer Worlds – How to Pickpocket

Why barter when you can steal?

by Brandon Adams


Sometimes it’s easier to take what you need from someone rather than ask for it, but you don’t always want to kill the person to get it. In The Outer Worlds, you’ve likely noticed you can’t steal from the unsuspecting at the start, so you’re wondering how to pickpocket in the first place.

Invest 40 skill points into Sneak to unlock pickpocket.

This may be easier to do for some, if you invested heavily into stealth at the start of the game. Regardless, all players should be able to unlock pickpocket within their first five levels. Seeing as the skill is locked behind Sneak, and you can’t dump points into it directly, you’ll need to invest 40 skill points into the Stealth core skill to unlock pickpocket.

Once you have pickpocket unlocked you can use it on anyone. Simply stealth behind your clueless victim and hold down the interact key. The better your sneak and stealth skills the easier it will be, with more points invested leading to quicker thefts. Whenever you attempt it be sure no one can see you: the stealth indicator will appear on all nearby non-playable characters once you start an attempt, so you can see just how hidden you are. Do bear in mind you’ll alert your target if you get to close to them, so keep just enough distance to trigger the pickpocket prompt without hugging the person.

Once you complete the pickpocket, an inventory screen will open, just like any other lootable object, and you can pick and choose what you want, or loot everything from the person. Use this to grab keys, IDs, and key items for quests, or to grab yourself bits, ammo, weapons, armor, and consumables.

That’s how to pickpocket in The Outer Worlds. For more The Outer Worlds guides and walkthroughs check out our guides page.

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