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The Outer Worlds – How to Save

There are multiple ways to save in The Outer Worlds.

by William Schwartz


The Outer Worlds has a save system that can be frustrating at times.  On one hand, it’s like traditional open world games in that there are many times where you might not trigger an auto-save, and forget to actually manually save your game.  However, it is important to remember to save in The Outer Worlds as there are so many decisions to make that you might want to backtrack at some point.

Saving your game in The Outer Worlds is fairly straight forward.  You can either wait for spots where the game saves automatically or you can manually save your game at almost any time.  Either way, you’ll want to be doing one or the other pretty often as you want to avoid losing progress in the game.

The auto-save feature will save fairly often and you’ll be ablel to see each time the game auto-saves by looking to the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  You will see a logo that says “Saving” underneath it like in the image above.


You can also save manually at almost any time.  Simply open the start menu and you will see the screen above.  Select Save and the slot you want to use.   Keep in mind, your manual saves are totally different than your auto-saves. You can load either your auto-saves or manual saves but selecting to continue from the home screen will load your last auto-save by default.

There are some stipulations for the manual save.  If you’re in the middle of a fight or there are enemies nearby you will not be able to save your game manually.  You will need to get away from these enemies or areas before you can save.  Pressing the start button will show you that the Save Option is greyed-out.

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