The Quarry: Should You Help or Leave Max?

A dark test of loyalty.

by J.R. Waugh


The prologue is almost over for The Quarry, but not before terror strikes!  While exploring a storm shelter at the beginning of the game, Laura and Max encounter their first brush with genuine danger and a crucial choice rears its ugly head.  During this, you play as Laura, who during all this time has demonstrated a free spirit, strong instincts, and courage (or perhaps foolish curiosity) but this is something for which she is truly unprepared.  Spoilers ahead, as we look into the question of Should Laura Help or Leave Max in The Quarry?

Should You Help or Leave Max in The Quarry?


Second spoiler warning.  Upon entering the Hackett’s Quarry lodge’s storm shelter, Max sits by the entrance as Laura ventures further within, leaving Max vulnerable to attack by a mysterious, agile creature, leaving him wounded.  This sparks the first decision that feels like it carries genuine weight, and is on a timer, but of the two, you should help Max.  Neither option prevents what comes next for Max, but your actions will be remembered, and you’ll survive the attempt to help him.  More spoilers inbound!


Final spoiler warning.  After this event, you’ll escape upstairs, gazing in horror as you hear Max scream in pain, while unbeknownst to you, the cop followed you to the shelter, and knocks you unconscious via injection.  This is the last you see of Laura or Max, for now, so make sure your actions count because the only way you can have a do-over is starting over again.  Above all else, embrace the consequences of your actions, they might generate more satisfying results than you expect.

This concludes our answer to the question of Should Laura Help or Leave Max in The Quarry!  Be sure to check out our other guides, and our review!

The Quarry comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S on June 10th, 2022.

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