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The Surge 2 – How to Beat the Delver Echo Alpha

Second verse is same as the first.

by Brandon Adams


The Delver Echo Alpha is a rapid attacking mini-boss found in the underground. With this How-To guide, you’ll put this beast down without issue.

This mini-boss is a repeat of The Delver’s phase two, but amped up and much, much faster. The same strategies from that fight apply here: stack poison damage if you wish to make the fight easier, and break his armored legs to create vulnerable areas. He will repeat all of his attacks from the first fight, including his nanite bombardment. He will be harder to block, however, due to how much faster he is. He will also require four successful parries to stagger this time around, instead of three. Focus on attacking him after a dash, or after he lands from his nanite phase. Delver Echo Alpha otherwise adds a new shockwave attack, but this can be strafed: wait for him to rear up and dodge to the sides.

That’s it: if you didn’t have issues with the second phase in The Delver fight, the Delver Echo Alpha will be a pushover. Heavy armor and blocking will mitigate a healthy chunk of his damage, though you still want to evade his charge attacks rather than block it. Watch for the sequence of three swipes, and push the attack when he is staggered after a charge or from landing. You’ll be rewarded with the Energetic Speed Intensifier implant, which boosts your attack speed, for besting this beast.

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