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The Witcher 3 – How to Level Up

Tackle as many missions as you can to level up frequently.

by William Schwartz


There are many different ways to level up in The Witcher 3, but they way to do it quickly is to earn experience points by completing quests and defeating opponents in battle.  Once you’ve gained a certain amount of these experience points you will level up.  Each time you level up, you will receive an ability point that allows you to learn a new ability or develop an existing ability.

Do as much side content as you can to max out your level

The first things you should understand is that the Witcher 3 is like many open world RPGs in that you have choices of what you choose to do and where you choose to go.  You can follow the main story path of the game, or you can explore the world at your own pace.  If leveling up is your primary goal, you’ll want to complete as much of the side mission content that you can, especially in the early parts of the game as this will give you a headstart to leveling up.

It’s fairly easy to get swept away by the main story missions in The Witcher 3, but there are plenty of other activities to partake in.  Side Missions, contracts, playing Gwent, racing horses, destroying monster infested areas, tracking down bandit or deserter camps, finding places of power and generally performing the job of a Witcher.

Head to bounties boards and find new side missions to earn more XP

Instead of just tracking the main story as you progress in the game you’ll want to visit some of the other yellow markers as you head into new territories.  For example, in the initial starting area of White Orchard the main path of the story will have you tracking down Yennifer, but you can stick around this area long after and further upgrade your character by leveling up, finding powerful items, and collecting things like crafting materials, blueprints, and more.

While you’re doing these side missions you will earn XP and get items that you wouldn’t otherwise get.  The trick to leveling up fast in The Witcher 3 without having to farm enemies is to play the game naturally and take on the different missions in an area before heading to a new one.  You can get a ton of different secondary objectives in an area by visiting a bounty board which will outline a number of question mark activities that you can track down.  Simply head to the question marks on the map and you’ll find one of the aforementioned activities waiting to be performed.

Using Certain Weapons will help you level up as well

Certain weapons will give you more XP for every kill you notch.  Carrying Green Swords can help you level up faster with boosts with up to 25% more XP.  You can get these powerful weapons as rewards for completing different quests.  For example, in the starting area in White Orchard you can secure two green swords from completing the Viper School set to get the Serpentine Steel Sword and the Serpentine Silver Sword.  This can be found by finding a deserter camp and securing the blueprints.  Take those blueprints to the Quartermaster and you’ll instantly be earning more XP.

- This article was updated on:October 16th, 2019

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