Today’s Wordle Answer #305: Hints for Wednesday, April 20

The Wordle solution for Wednesday the 20th of April

by Caleb Stultz


Wordle runs each and every day and as players want to get the word in as little attempts as possible, they may come here to try and find hints as to what the word of the day is. There are lots of options for your five-letter word, and trying to find that special one for the day can be a challenge. This guide will give you important hints for the word of the day in Wordle and the solution as well if you’re in a hurry for April 20th’s Wordle word of the day.

Hints for Wordle April 20th

The word of the day begins with the third letter of the alphabet, C. You’ll have to think heavily on this topic before you can sail your way to the answer. Here are a few hints for you to find the five-letter word:

  • The word starts with a C, as shown earlier
  • There are not any double letters
  • The word has two vowels
  • The word ends with the letter O
  • The word is a noun

With these five hints, you can start to guess the word of the day might be in Wordle. Though, if you just want the answer and do not want to play the guessing game, keep reading.

The Wordle 305 Answer

For the Wordle answer for April 20th, you can find the answer after scrolling past the image below.


The answer to April 20th Wordle is CARGO.

How Do You Wordle?

Wordle is a guessing game online that has players guess a five-letter word every day. You have to select five letters and with every guess, you get closer to finding the word of the day. You will get a green letter if you find the letter and in the correct spot in the word. You will get a yellow letter if you find a correct letter but it is in the wrong spot. If you get a gray letter, you did not find a letter that is in the word of the day on Wordle.

You can guess up to six times in every daily Wordle.

Wordle is available to play online.

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