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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 – How To Open 5 Valves In Downhill Jam Level

Get a second run through if you miss one.

by Dean James


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 has a mix of different types of levels for you to enjoy. Some of them are pretty self contained in a small area, while some others are actually ones that move you down a path and then start back at the beginning once you reach the end. The Downhill Jam level in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 Tour is one of those very levels, with one of the more difficult to complete Park Goals asking you to find five valves somewhere in this level within the time limit.

How To Open 5 Valves In Downhill Jam Level


The first of the five valves is found right at the start of the level. Just as you begin, go to the right and use the little ramp to go up and get on one of the two pipes in the air here. The valve is located on the end between the two pipes, so you should knock it off regardless of which one you get on.


Rather than take the next few ramps, you want to make your way around to the left and then right away move inside and start looking for a ramp that is more near the middle. This one has a valve right in the center that you just need to run over to open.


After the last one, head towards the very left wall and follow it until you get to a ramp with a pipe moving left to right that you can jump on. While grinding on this rail, you will knock the third valve off.


You can either stay up on this platform or go ahead and go back down to the left to get back on the main part of the course. You are going to want to maintain your speed as much as you can until you get to a downhill segment where there is an indention in the ground that is surrounded in yellow with a white arrow inside of it. This is where you want to go and jump off the ramp in it front and center to leap on top of the obstacle in front of it that houses the fourth valve right on top of it. You have to aim this one perfectly, as it’s probably the most difficult to get as you can easily undershoot or overshoot it.


Last but not least, continue forward from the fourth one and stay on the left side of the path. When it starts to move downward, watch directly to the right on the wall for a valve that you can wallride to open up and complete the Park Goal.

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